Send Large Files Free!


FilePost provides you web-based file transfer/send service for free. You can send large files that cannot be sent by e-mail. Go to File Send page to transfer your files, now.

  • You can send 15 files, total size is up to 3GB.
  • Free. No registration required.
  • Files you send are kept in 7 days max. Total of download file size is up to 6GB.
  • You can add files at download page (you can transfer more than 15 files). It enables you to use our site as a cloud computing system or online storage.
  • Smart phone (Android, iPhone and iPad) is supported.
  • User interface is similar to e-mail, so you can send files easily. See File Send page.
  • 50 files max. for first upload, but no file number limitation for additional file upload. Maximum folder size is up to 100mB.
  • Web folder is avairable in 10 days. Total download size is up to 450mB.
  • You can select multiple files when you upload files.